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                                                                  Mission Statement

Basketball Universe Academy's philosophy is to provide solid fundamentals of the game in a relaxed, fun, and still competitive atmosphere. We will teach techniques that are vital for the athlete to excel in the next level of competition. The purpose of BUA is to develop our athletes to reach their full potential. We promote ideals in sportsmanship, leadership, citizenship, and education on and off the court. Join us in our continued efforts to further develop young future student athletes. 



                                               Developmental League

BUA’s main focus is the development of it’s participants. Our training programs are effective in skill development on many levels. However, without a game setting in place along with the advanced training given, the training becomes less effective. It is for this reason that BUA has it’s very own league, to ensure an opportunity for each participant to reach their full development. There is a Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring Developmental League Session in which the enrollment fee is only $20/month. Each player will receive one game per week along with two training sessions per week.

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A $10/month ($120/year) fee is required per family for a BUA membership which enables participation in the academy year round.

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